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E-Vidya Education Learning created more attractive

Blended learning is a hot phrase Blended learning is a hot phrase in the present training world, which refers to a mixing of traditional face-to-face classroom facilitation with computer-based modules - usually self-paced online training. Quality online learning programs are high-input operations, requiring both time to develop and significant investments to run. Personalized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills and interests. Our team can assist you with all of your e-learning course development projects from individual courses to a customized learning environment for any audience. Grow your specialist knowledge through practical, skills-based learning, or develop your leadership style through confidence-building event/ course/ training/ workshops. Our range of courses will give you the hands-on learning, industry connections and real-world perspective you’ll need to succeed. With more than 100 courses to

How to buy Lithium Ion cells

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density, especially the battery module, in the event of an accident, conventional means can not effectively control the rapid spread of heat or prevent the continuous explosion of the battery, which may have serious consequences. Especially in the case of lithium batteries burning or exploding during air transportation, the consequences to passengers and aircraft would be very serious or even catastrophic. So how exactly did the lithium battery accident happen, let’s look at the characteristics of the lithium battery itself. Lithium battery characteristics 1 High Energy Lithium battery is a high-energy item, if it catches fire and explodes, the danger is enormous. Take the 300Wh/kg square lithium ion battery for example, 1kg square lithium battery contains 1.08 × 10 6J of energy; 1g TNT can release 4184J of energy, the conversion shows that the energy contained in 1kg square lithium battery is equivalent to about 258g TNT, the energy contained